About the Author

Hello, my name is Mike, and I live in Canada with my wife Lesley, and our son Benjamin. I work in the financial industry, which does not allow me to explore my creative side much, so as a hobby, I started writing a book in 2008. My original story started on Earth, and the characters eventually travelled to a distant planet via a wormhole. There they met prehistoric beasts, scaled dramatic stone walls, and fought to keep a kingdom from falling into the hands of the King’s evil brother Cragg. Unfortunately, the original energy and inspiration that got me going soon waned, and I lost interest in my own story.

Then, in 2013, while on vacation with my wife, I visited the Lascaux Caves. * These caves contain some of the most intricate and beautiful drawings you will ever see, yet they were done by primitive humans, over 15000 years ago. Not only were the people who did the drawings incredibly artistic, they must have been very well organized. The paintings were done deep in the darkest parts of the caves, and took at least two weeks to complete. The artists required light, art supplies, and food. These would most likely have been brought to them by helpers —other primitive Humans who would have understood the artists’ goals, and agreed to help.

This seemed far more complicated than I had expected, requiring much more communication, planning, and organization than I had previously thought possible from a group of individuals who could likely best be described as cavemen. This inspired me to think about ancient people. On the same trip, I learned that France has many cave sites that were once populated by Neanderthals, a very close relation to modern humans. Neanderthals were the dominant species over most of Europe for approximately 250,000 years, but disappeared about 40,000 to 50,000 years ago. Modern humans arrived on the European continent, having first evolved in Africa, about 60,000 years ago. Therefore, for approximately 10,000 years, both Neanderthal and humans occupied the same territories, at the same time.

I could not help but wonder what were these Neanderthals like. Were they far more complicated than we realized? What were their interactions with humans like? Were we at war over scare resources, or did we co-operate? Recent scientific breakthroughs in genetic sequencing have shown us that most modern humans of European descent have at least some Neanderthal DNA. This means that at some point in the distant past, humans and Neanderthals successfully mated, giving birth to fertile offspring.

Realizing this element could be added to the world I had already created, encouraged me to begin again. I began to dream about just what Neanderthals might have been like, how had we interreacted with each other, and just what had we inherited from them. Three years later, the story was finally finished. It is not a scientific analysis, it is a fantasy, but based on the idea that all creatures are likely far more complicated than we give them credit for.